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  • You are looking for a winter adventure where YOUR work makes a difference on a daily basis
  • You want to meet new people from around the world who share your love of the mountains and "getting out there doing it!"
  • You want to avoid the crammed, high cost of living that comes with larger commercial ski areas
  • You prefer a taste of life off the beaten track
  • You love to ski or ride or live in the snow
  • You want to witness and be part of the camraderie that comes with a small ski area powered by a volunteer committee and members
  • You want to be a person in a small team not a face in a large crowd! 


The Hanmer Springs Ski Area requires enthusiastic, versatile and energetic people to fill the following positions for the 2018 season.
Positions require people who are up for adventure, hard work and lots of laughs. 

Our seasonal team is small, but the jewel in the crown of our little ski field. They are not only responsible for the daily operation of the ski area for our members and guests, but also the creation of a welcoming, fun vibe that is cultivated in our small NZ club fields.
Be prepared to receive cakes, flowers and wine from visiting members - as you are the reason everyone gets to spend a day on their favourite mountain! 

Hanmer Springs Ski Area operates from a typically rugged, high country position.This environment means challenges pop up involving extreme weather, access, our generators, communications and on very rare occasions, the well being of others. We need people who equally relish being part of a team as much as they do engaging in some problem solving!

Staff accommodation is provided in a comfortable lodge on the mountain with all food supplied.

Please email applications to info@skihanmer.co.nz
Subject Line: Application - "position of choice"

Please note that positions listed below are a "guide" to the skill sets we need to fill. 
The successful pool of applicants will dictate how these responsibilites are assigned and some roles my merge with others. 

Ski Area Manager:

Ski Area Manager is responsible for:

  • The day to day running of the Ski Area
  • The safe operation of the Ski Area, including road and lodges as required; by the relevant codes of practice, and the Amuri Ski Club Health & Safety Plan
  • Supervision of all other mountain staff and club volunteers
  • Work closely with relevant ski club committee members
  • Step in to assist Office and Lodge Manager when required

 Required Skills:

  • Practical knowledge and background in ski area operation and management
  • Good general mechanical knowledge
  • Avalanche and first aid qualifications preferred
  • Snow Groomer & Tractor operator experience preferred
  • Good communication and customer service skills
  • Resourcefulness and flexibility to lead small team in a remote environment

Heavy Machinery Operator/Groomer Driver/Road maintenance/Mechanic
(These skills are preferred but may also be held by other applicants - this job may be stand alone or included in another role) 

This person is resonsible for: 

  • Clearing and maintaining the access road 
  • Operating the Snow Groomer 
  • Assisting the Mountain Manager and Committee in maintaining or fixing machinery when needed
  • Assisting team members in their tasks when available

Required Skills

  • Experience in operating heavy machinery in a mountain environment
  • Team player attidude
  • Resourceful and good at problem solving

Ski Patroller:

Ski Patroller is responsible for:  

 The administration and management of the Health and Safety Plan and it’s requirements, including but not limited to:

  •  First aid
  • On Field Evacuations (AIR and LAND);
  • On field Training / Avalanche rescue;
  • Avalanche monitoring / control
  • Assisting the Manager to monitor health and safety risk around ski area and buildings
  • Required to respond to other team needs when available

 Required Skills

  •  MSC, Otago Poly Avalanche 2 or 1, Current Pre Hospital Emergency Care qualified, Approved Explosives Handler preferred
  • Practical knowledge and background in ski area operations
  • Good general mechanical knowledge
  • Resourcefulness and flexibility in a small team and remote environment 


Lodge + Mountain Volunteers:

There may be an opportunity for some volunteers to join us throughout the season in our special mountain top spot! 

In exchange for food, accomodation and free skiing/riding you would be required to assist the Manager and Lodge Manager with: 

  • Daily cleaning and tidying of the Robinson Lodge and Day Lodge 
  • Clearing of snow around buildings when required
  • Assisting in lift operations
  • Occasionally assisting in the organisation of weekend events!


All correspondence should be sent to info@skihanmer.co.nz

Hanmer Springs Ski Area - looking down the Bordeaux Basin toward the base

DSCF5357Hanmer Springs Ski Area - looking down the Bordeaux Basin toward the base

Hanmer Springs Ski Area - looking across the Bordeaux Basin

Hanmer Springs Ski Area - looking across Bordeaux Basin

Hanmer Springs Ski Area - a sunny spot and good music for today's liftie!

Hanmer Springs Ski Area - a sunny spot and good music for today's liftie!